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Tips for Paraglider Pilots:对滑翔飞行员的提示--1Mental心态

作者:Jérôme Daoust 


L1 - 1999/5/26.Group Effect. Seeing many pilots accomplish something maycreate a strong temptation to try to do the same thing. They may be more skilledthan you, or they may simply be taking a higher risk. This is one time whereyou have to keep your ego under control, and judge for yourself of the skilland risk involved.

L1 - 1999/5/26。群体效应Group Effect看到许多飞行员有所作为,可能会创造一个强大想尝试做同样事情的诱惑。们可能比你更熟练,或者们可能只是接受较高的风险。这一次,你必须保持你的自我控制,并自行判断所涉及的技能和风险。

L2 - 2005/4/19.Living in the Moment. When flying, you live for the moment. This isgood as a mental release from the rest of your life. But this is bad for thesame reason, as you ignore risk consequences. Putting a family picture in sightcan help.

L2 - 2005/4/19。活在当下Living in the Moment。飞行时,你活在当下。作为你余生的一种精神释放是好的。但是,因为你忽略风险的后果,则出于同样的原因是坏的。把家人的相片放在眼前可以提供帮助。

L3 - 1992/9/1. Maybe your strong ego got youinto paragliding. This is also why many people quit. They realize at one pointthat they are taking too many risks (to show off) and then feel that they arenot really under their own control. It is then a good decision for them to stop.If you think I am talking about you, I am probably not, but maybe this helped.

L3- 1992/9/1。也许你的强烈自我让你进入滑翔伞运动。这也是为什么许多人退出的原因。某些时候们意识到,们冒了太多风险(炫耀),然后觉得自己不是真的在自我控制之下。然后们停下来,这是一个很好的决定。如果你认为我说的是你,我大概不会,但也许这会有帮助。

L3 - 2000/8/4.Fame. What is the maximum reward that paraglidingpilots can achieve ? Even if you get to be world champion or the one that wenthighest/furthest, most people don't even know what paragliding is. A few yearsafter your death, the few people who remember you, will not do so because ofyour paragliding expertise, they will be your close friends and family. Maybethe greatest benefit of performance is self-esteem (if you don't have italready). Clint Eastwood (movie star) said : You're a legend in your ownmind !

L3 - 2000/8/4。名声Fame。什么是滑翔伞飞行员能取得的最大报酬?即使你成就世界冠军或是一个最高/最远的地位,大多数人甚至不知道什么是滑翔伞运动。当你去世几年后,少数几个记得你的人,不会是因为你的滑翔伞专业知识,而会是你的亲密朋友和家人。也许表现的最大好处是自尊(如果你还没有它的话)。克林伊斯威特(影星)说:你在自己的脑中是个传奇人物!

L3 - 2005/4/19.Risk-taking Creates Anxiety. You are on launch and everything seems good(weather, physical) but you have a vague unpleasant emotion. Think back on yourrecent flights. Do you remember taking higher risk than usual? When takinghigher risk than normal, your mind will pass it on as anxiety later, to remindyou of your loss of self-control.

L3 - 2005/4/19。冒险创造焦虑Risk-taking Creates Anxiety。你在起飞台且一切似乎很好(天气、身体),但你有一种模糊的不愉快情绪。回想一下你最近的航次。你是否还记得比平常冒更高的风险?当你比平常冒更高的风险,你的心将在之后传送焦虑,提醒你你已失去自我控制。

L3 - 2006/12/11.Fear Control. An accident (or incident) you lived or havewitnessed, has left you with fears, which overwhelm your flying pleasure.Knowing that:

L3 - 2006/11/22。恐惧控制Fear Control。你发生过或目睹过的事故(或事件),留下你的恐惧,而压倒你的飞行乐趣。当得知:

  • People's capacity to visualize a risk is     an important part of the attention they give to it. So if you can think of     an incident in which a risk has come to fruition, you will exaggerate its     likelihood.

  • 人们能够想象风险的能力是一个他们付予关注的重要组成部分。所以,如果你能想到一个风险已经快要实现的事件,你会夸大它的可能性。

  • What availability does to you: It plants     an image that comes readily to mind, and that image is associated with an     emotion: Fear.

  • 你会得到什么:它会随时植入呈现在脑中的图片,且该图片是与一种情绪:恐惧连结。

To recover, you must believe you have significantly increased yoursafety level, by doing as many of the following as necessary:


  • Following a maneuvers clinic to associate     new positive images of control over departures from normal flight. Note     that you will have to overcome a temporary spike of fears, before and     during the clinic.

  • 进行临场演练,以便与已经掌控偏离正常飞行的新积极形象连结。请注意,临场演练期间和之前,你必须克服暂时的恐惧。

  • Trading your wing for a more relaxing one.

  • 把你的伞换成一个较为轻松的伞。

  • Choosing milder flying conditions. See     also: Risk-taking Creates Anxiety.

  • 选择较温和的飞行条件。另见:冒险创造焦虑See also: Risk-taking Creates Anxiety

  • Clean-up your entourage to reject those     inciting you to take risk.

  • 清除你的随行人员以拒绝那些煽动你冒险的人。

L4 - 1999/2/20. Note to self : Paraglidingnever promised me good flying conditions on a regular basis. Just as anypassion, paragliding will make me very upset at times. When a friend tells methat I missed a great day, I will hurt to the point of thinking : "I willquit this unpredictable hobby". The key is to look back at the year thatwent by, and ask myself if I am ready to lose what paragliding has brought me,and the joys waiting ahead, maybe next weekend.

L4 - 1999/2/20。自己注意:在定期进行的基础上,滑翔伞运动从来没有答应过我好的飞行条件。正如同任何激情,滑翔伞运动经常会令我非常难过。当一个朋友告诉我,我错过了一个伟大的日子,我会感受到有种伤害:我将退出这个不可预知的爱好。想法的地步。关键是要回顾过去的一年,问自己,我是否愿意失去滑翔伞给我带来了什么,和前面等待的乐趣,也许下个周末。

L4 - 1999/3/20. Keep other hobbies. After thefirst years, unless paragliding is your business, flying every day may nullifymost of the fun, or put you in search of peer recognition for your investedefforts.

L4 - 1999/3/20。保持其它爱好。头几年之后,除非滑翔伞是你的生意,每天飞行可能让大多数的乐趣乏味,或为了你投入的努力把你放入寻找同行的认可。

L4 - 1999/4/6. Boldness Bell curve. A pilot'sdegree of boldness follows a Bell curve over the first five years. Pilots startconservatively, due to a low experience level and a high fear level. Midway,the experience level goes up, the fear level goes down, and bolder decisionsare made. Boldness generally peaks when a pilot gets his advanced rating. Thisis the "Intermediate Syndrome". Towards the end, having experiencedthat bad situations happen to everyone, decisions become more conservativeagain.

L4 - 1999/4/6。胆量钟形曲线。一个飞行员的大胆程度在前 5年有如钟形曲线。由于经验水平低及恐惧水平高,飞行员开始时保守。到了中途,经验水平上升,恐惧水平下降,作出更大胆的决定。当一个飞行员得到高级的评级时,大胆程度到达高峰。这是中级症状﹙Intermediate Syndrome。到了最后,经历过发生在每个人的恶劣情况,决定会再度变得更保守。